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360° Half Spherical Swivel:

 it can keep your cell phone on horizontally or vertically, side to side. Strong flexibility, 360 degree rotation ball for portrait and landscape view, flexible two-section arm setting the height and the distance between the cellphone and the user.

دوران نصف كروي 360 درجة

: يمكنه إبقاء هاتفك الخلوي في وضع أفقي أو رأسي ، جنبًا إلى جنب. مرونة قوية ، كرة دوران 360 درجة لعرض عمودي وأفقي ، ذراع مرن من قسمين يحدد الارتفاع والمسافة بين الهاتف المحمول والمستخدم

Swivel 270° adjust

 Easily put your phone to a non-slip position and without leaving a scratch on it.

Easy installation

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89 dh 


Are you convinced that this phone holder is chic and safer for the driver! then offer to someone you love and from us we offer you a 50% reduction valid only for:

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149 dh

Great product, works great, the main thing is that the phone does not fall and is well secured. No communication with the seller. Everything arrived whole and well packaged, although the delivery man may have spoiled the box

The phone holder is powerful, mounts perfectly

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